Dennis Itumbi, Philip Etale Takes on Each Other Over Raila, Ruto’s Whereabouts

On Thursday, Deputy President William Ruto’s allied blogger and Tanga-tanga spokesperson Dennis Itumbi revoked speculation online after taking on ODM party communication’s director Philip Etale inquiring on his boss Raila Odinga’s whereabout.

Through an online post, Itumbi alleged that the former premier had quietly left the country after the DP reportedly met with President Uhuru Kenyatta to discuss on BBI matters.

“Dear Philip Etale, 1. Are you aware if Raila Odinga is in the country or not? 2. Did you see him Thursday? Please if you are NOT sure and your source is not the Former PM himself, just ignore this update and say Nothing and it will end there. Lala vyema ndugu…” tweeted Itumbi on Thursday evening.

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And in a quick rejoinder, Etale, on Friday morning chided Itumbi with a similar question on his boss William Ruto’s whereabouts after the second in command reportedly left the country on Friday morning for an unknown destination.

According to Etale, Ruto had secretly flown to Uganda to meet President Museveni in the midst of pre-election chaos that had rocked the country.

“Dear @OleItumbi 1). Are you aware that your boss Dr. William Ruto is in Uganda? 2). And what has he gone to do there in the midst of the unprecedented violence in the Pearl of Africa? Kindly answer the two questions without insults,” answered back Etale on Itumbi’s question. Without further hesitations, ”

And in a move to ensnare himself from Etale’s traps, Itumbi laid out the alleged whereabouts of Raila Odinga on Thursday evening before taking a flight to an unknown destination.

Without naming Raila’s final destination, Itumbi claimed the ODM chief was booked in at JKIA VIP lounge at 6 pm on Thursday evening in the company of MP Junet Mohamed.

Philip Etale, I asked for an answer or silence. You chose noise and Rumours. Do I tell you where Raila Odinga is? Phoenix Aviation Jet. 6pm, Thursday. Ama you will ask Junet Mohammed? Hint: Ask him about VIP Lounge last evening.


If you want further detail, please ask for it and I will tell you as much as you ask. Notice I held out the details and gave you just enough so that you know, I am just holding back unless you urge me for more details, including arrival in an……..Next update is up to you Etale…….” read Itumbi’s response

And as a sign of giving in to Itumbi’s demands, Etale noted saying he was aware his boss Raila had left the country on Thursday evening and that he was not able to see him off since he was engaged with other affairs.

“Itumbi to answer your earlier question, YES I am aware that my boss left the country yesterday. However, since I am busy with other assignments as per my job description, I was not obligated to go to the airport to see him off. Yaani there’s what we call division of labour. Sawa,” answered Etale.

He however chided Itumbi claiming Ruto had first made a stopover in Uganda before embarking on his Dubai trip to celebrate his wife’s birthday.

According to Etale, Ruto it was laughable for Ruto, who calls himself a chief hustler to fly his wife to Dubai for a birthday retreat while leaving his ‘fellow hustlers’ behind.

“My friend Dennis Itumbi did you know that after a brief stop in Uganda, your boss together with family proceeded to Dubai on holiday to celebrate his wife’s birthday? Anyway, how many other hustlers can afford a holiday even at Maasai Mara… twende kazi,” said Etale.

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