Distress as Woman Gives Birth, Dumps Infant in Snake-Infested Man Hole

Residents of Mkaomoto area, Malindi sub-county were on Sunday treated to a rare shocking encounter after a woman gave birth and dumped her newborn baby in a snake-infested septic tank.

The unidentified woman is said to have dumped the infant in a 15 meter deep hole moments after giving birth.

According to reports, the child was rescued by a passerby, who heard the baby crying before alerting the locals, who climbed down the manhole using a ladder.

The child is said to have been placed in a box without any cloths by the heartless mother before being rescued by the good Samaritan.

Shockingly, there were two snakes that had surrounded the child when he was rescued but luckily, they did not harm him.

Malindi OCS Stephen Mwachia with the rescued infant.
Malindi OCS Stephen Mwachia with the rescued infant. Photo/Courtesy

The rescuer is said to have wrapped the baby with a leso, before lifting him out of the septic tank and handing him over to a group of women waiting outside.

Curious onlookers who had turned up to witness the rare shocking occurrence in the area cursed the mother, who is still under the police radar.

“We will have to first go and wash her with warm water before he is taken to hospital,” a woman was heard talking in the local Giriama dialect.

The child was later taken to Malindi sub-county hospital where he was examined and confirmed to be in a good condition by the medics. The infant was later handed over to Malindi Gender-Based Violence team for care.

While condemning the inhuman act by the mother, the team later posted a photo of the baby being held by Malindi OCS Stephen Mwachia with a caption of thanking him for supporting after he bought diapers, milk and clothes.

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