William Ruto asks Leaders to exercise restraint in their talk

DP Ruto: If Worst Comes to Worst, I will Quit Jubilee Party

Deputy President has bared it all, in a no holds back interview with citizen Tv’s Joe Ageyo.

The DP who for the past few months has been under intense pressure to resign, painted a rather dark picture of the ruling Jubilee Party, saying that the party has been hijacked by conmen and brokers.

He said that party vice-chairman David Murathe is leading the brokers behind the hijacking of the party.

Asked on what will happen if he loses the control of the party to the likes of Murathe, his reply in Swahili was tacit: kuvunjika kwa mwiko si mwisho wa upishi.

DP Ruto now says that quitting Jubilee is on the table if he completely loses the control of the ruling party to Uhuru Kenyatta.

“If it becomes completely hopeless and Jubilee is hijacked by these brokers, then the Swahili say kuvunjika kwa mwiko si mwisho wa upishi”

This is the first time since the handshake that the DP has been cornered in the Jubilee party as the president seeks to have full control of the leading coalition.

Since the handshake happened in 2018, Uhuru and Raila have read from the same script in regard to governance, something that continues to irk the second in command.

In and out of Parliament, the president has boxed the DP into a corner with many of Ruto’s allies being unceremoniously ousted from lucrative positions.

With Secretary General Raphael Tuju and vice chairman David Murathe pulling the strings in Jubilee, Ruto’s time in Jubilee could be coming to an end even as he seeks to run for presidency in 2022.




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