DP Ruto Responds To Raila After He Questioned Source Of Money For Youth Programs (Video)

Deputy President William Ruto has responded to his political competitor Raila Odinga after he questioned his source of wealth.

Speaking in Taita Taveta on Thursday, the ODM party leader wondered how the second in command can afford to fund youth empowerment programmes yet his salary does not amount to much.

Ruto told Kisii residents that Odinga did not understand the struggles of the “hustlers” because he came from a well to do family.

“Let us be mindful about the sorry situation of millions of Kenyans struggling to meet their daily needs and above all put food on the table. Let us acknowledge that every Hustle matters,” Ruto wrote in response to the ODM leader.

Raila said Ruto’s salary could not sustain weekly youth empowerment programmes mostly conducted from his Karen office.

“He has called the youth and given them wheelbarrows, some get motorbikes and water tanks to help them in their businesses, where does he get the money?  Why is the money not in the government treasury yet you are donating it?”

“One person donates Ksh1 million in a month and your salary is not even Ksh2 million, where is that money from?” Odinga posed.

Ruto has branded himself the “Hustler’s clerk” after Environment CS Keriako Tobiko said he was a “mere clerk” serving at the pleasure of the president.

In January while speaking to NTV, Odinga said that a lifestyle audit on the DP would show that his wealth is indeed questionable.

“I wouldn’t say I don’t like him as a person but there are things he does that I do not agree with,” he said.

Every time the DP has been put on the spot over his wealth, he has declined to comment on the matter.


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