William Ruto asks Leaders to exercise restraint in their talk

DP Ruto Takes ODM Head-on, Calls them Lords of Corruption

Deputy President William Ruto has launched a stinging rebuttal of ODM a day after Secretary General Edwin Sifuna asked him to resign from his position and allow Uhuru work in peace. 

The covid-19 corruption scandal has exposed Jubilee’s rotten underbelly where the Deputy President is now attacking his own government and the opposition party ODM now vehemently defending Jubilee. 

Ruto is now fighting back and his dissatisfaction is directed at Raila’s party for the way they told him off regarding the corruption allegations at Kemsa that has threatened to send away the donor community. 

Ruto Unbowed

Taking to his social media, the unbowed DP told off ODM as ‘pretentious lords of corruption’ for the way they defended the wanton theft of covid-19 billions meant for PPEs.

Ruto’s attack on ODM underscores his dislike for the handshake between president Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. 

The second in command now says that the handshake was an opportunity for the opposition to steal money and engage in corrupt practices. 

“The pretentious (former)Opposition,now turned Lords of corruption, attempted defence of the Covid19 grand larceny is NOT shocking. It confirms the worst of Kenyan’s fears that their side of handshake was never interested in the people’s good but opportunity to loot.What a shame,” he wrote

Dp’s angry reaction follows ODM’s statement on Saturday, August 22 where Edwin Sifuna said that the media should not be allowed to sensationalize the corruption allegations against KEMSA. 

“We gather that the DCI has been called into KEMSA to investigate these matters. We however wonder how this can be so, before a credible audit by the Auditor General is carried out to ascertain the veracity of these claims. Precedent has been set before, where the media goes on a sensationalist extravaganza, with half-baked information obtained from shadowy sources, ending up creating more problems than solutions.” Sifuna said.

They scolded the Deputy President for his lukewarm fight against corruption, and went

ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna (left) and chairman John Mbadi at a past function. Sifuna says Ruto should resign and let Uhuru work in peace
(Right) Gwasi MP John Mbadi with (left) Orange Democratic Party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna at the opening of Chungwa House, the new headquaters of the ODM at Lavington, Nairobi on November 28, 2019. Image/Daily Nation

further to ask him to quit his post. 

“At a time when he should help the President crack the whip on corruption cartels within government, he holds campaigns at his residence while cheering wrong doing within government, in the mistaken belief that any perceived failures by H.E. the President will raise his (DP’s) dwindling profile.”

“We must ask the DP to either rise to the occasion and play the role of DP, or ship out and let the President work in peace.”

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