Not Interested In Votes – DP Ruto Tells Off “Hustler Movement” Critics

Deputy President William Ruto has told off critics who think he is using the “hustler movement” to woo the youth to vote for him should he vie for the presidency in the next general elections.

Speaking from his Karen residence on Tuesday, the second in command said he is only interested in the bettering the lives of the common Kenyan.

“…sina haja na kura, niko na haja ya kuinua hustle ya waKenya kama naibu wa rais..hiyo ingine itakuja na bahati ya Mungu…” he said.

DP ruto
Deputy President William Ruto in Bumula. [Courtesy]
He further rebuked his detractors who he maintained want the common people to languish in poverty.

“…wale mnasikia wanalalamika na kukasirika ati kwa sababu mtu amepewa mkokoteni, wheel barrow, wanalalamika kwa sababu hawataki waKenya watoke umasikinini,” he said.

In what could be presumed to be a salvo aimed at opposition leader Raila Odinga, the DP said the youths will be too busy to throw stones during demonstrations.

DP ruto
Deputy President William Ruto. [Courtesy]
“We are giving you notice when you start looking for people to throw stones and demonstrate…look for your kids, these hustlers are busy, they don’t have time.. next time when they come for demonstrations tell them mko kazi,” he added.

Those opposed to a Ruto presidency have castigated him for dishing out goodies.

Instead, they have said, the “hustler” should have policies in place to empower all Kenyans.


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