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DP’s Camp Issues New BBI Referendum Demands

Deputy President William Ruto’s camp has issued fresh demands on the upcoming Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum.

Led by Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei and his Tharaka Nithi counterpart professor Kithure Kindiki, DP’s allies are suggesting each contentious issue be voted on separately to avoid rejecting the entire document.

They want the referendum to be framed around numerous questions that voters will determine.

However, the suggestion has been rejected by pro-BBI promoters who maintain that the referendum question will be either a vote to uphold or reject the draft constitutional amendment Bill in its entirety.

On Monday, November 30, Cherargei maintained that there are still other proposals in the Bill that were not pro-Wanjiku, and it would flop should there be no consensus.

Deputy President William Ruto during the burial of Naivasha MP Jayne Kihara’s mother in Nyeri County on Friday, November 13. Photo/Courtesy

The Nandi Senator further argued that it’s not right to force Kenyans in a ‘Yes-No’ contest stating that the framing of the referendum question should give Kenyans a chance to approve good clauses while rejecting the bad ones.

“The Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2020 should be voted on clause-by-clause to separate chaff from wheat. This shall give opportunity for Kenyans to choose what they are comfortable with in line with the state of the economy,” Cherargei said.

“But if it’s voted on in its entirety without consensus, it shall flop. The BBI document has failed to meet the aspirations of all Kenyans.” He added.

Ruto-allied leaders issue a statement after meeting the Deputy President at the party headquarters. Image/Courtesy

On his side, Kindiki told the Nation that neither side can claim to determine how the vote will be conducted as yet adding that the best way for the referendum is to vote on each issue.

“There is no legislative requirement or guideline on whether we will have a single-vote referendum or a multiple question, clause-by-clause. The details are to be determined by a referendum law, which we do not as a country have yet,” Kindiki said.

He stated that the only solution would be for Kenyans to discuss the BBI document further, and agree on proposals that are not contested, amend those that are contested.

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