Dr Mogusu’s Widow Lands Lucrative Government Job

Kisii County Government has offered Dr Stephen Mogusu’s widow, Dr Jackline Wanjiru a lucrative job.

Addressing mourners at Iranda Primary School grounds Kisii, County Secretary and Head of Public Service, Patrick Lumumba said Dr Jackline Wanjiru has been given work at the Department of Health Services.

Accorsing to Lumumba, the County government had received several applications for the position but has decided to award Dr Mogusu’s window with the job.

“This is an assurance from Governor James Ongwae that the widow will join Kisii County’s work force. We condole with the bereaved family and pray that God intervenes and gives her and the child a better future,” Lumumba said.

Dr Mogusu was buried on Monday, December 21 the same day KMPDU doctors began their nationwide strike.

KMPDU officials while defending their decision to call for the strike that was initially to begin on December 7, said that doctors have not been assured of their safety in their working places as the country battles Covid-19.

Mwachonda said the union had been negotiating with the government for 36 days yet nothing has been done to address their grievances.

“It is very difficult to let our members continue working in very difficult conditions without implementable action. So, what we need right now is action from the various government agencies to basically implement what is on the table,” Mwachonda stated.

Mwachonda said the government threats to doctors in form of circulars on intent to sack them will not avert the strike and the union will not be intimidated to back down.

“It’s about the safety and welfare of the doctors. The country’s fight against the coronavirus will be affected if doctor’s walk out but we have no choice.”

“We have painful experience of doctors rising up to Ksh10 million to cater for ICU fees of their colleagues; to cater for the costs because there is no comprehensive cover,” he added.

KMPDU Secretary-General Dr Chibanzi Mwachonda stated it is painful to see doctors lose lives in the line of duty.

“He embodied the average Kenyan doctor. Most of the doctors you know in this country come from very average families.

“We understand what it means for a son to go to school for seven years and just when the parents want to reap the benefits the flower is plucked from the family. It is painful,” he said.

Mwachonda maintained that no amount of intimidation and court orders will make them go to work.

“No amount of threats will make us go to work. Court orders will not stop doctors from dying and neither will they reduce infections among us.

“We will not engage in hazardous environments. We will not engage without assurances of our treatment and compensation to young families that most doctors have. There is no point in training doctors and not employing them,” he asserted.

The 28-year-old doctor, who was stationed at Machakos County succumbed to Covid-19 early this month.

Mogusu died at a time when his family, together with Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU), tried to raise money for his care and hospital bill.

The news of his death was reported by KMPDU which has called out the government to safeguard health workers who work in a risky environment for months.

“Devastating to announce the demise of 28 yr old Dr Stephen Mogusu who has succumbed to COVID-19 complications,” read the tweet by KMPDU.

At the time of his death, KMPDU tweeted that the doctor had not received his salary for five months, had no insurance & his young family left with no compensation.

Explaining his pain through his five days at the Hospital, Dr Mogusu appealed to his colleagues to save themselves because you can always earn money at some other time

Some of the issues articulated by KMPDU include a comprehensive medical cover for health workers, compensation in form of risk allowances and the establishment of a Health Service Commission.

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