Drama as 3 Traffic Officers Beat Up Motorist [VIDEO]

Drama ensued along Nakuru-Nairobi Highway on Friday, December 25 after three traffic police officers beat up a motorist after a heated altercation.

In a video that has since gone viral, the one of the officers and the motorist cab be seen engaging in a heated argument.

The heated altercation after one of the officers who hit a car that was stuck in the heavy traffic using a swagger stick.

Angered by the police’s actions, the man jumped out of the car in protest to confront the officer who had hit his car and caused damage.

“How can someone who is drunk come and hit a car like this? Take a photo of how he has hit and damaged my car,” said the angry motorist.

The officer then proceeded to push the motorist and started chocking him before other police officers joined in to rain blows on the man.

A female officer who had rushed to help her colleagues beat up the motorist was heard asking the man asking, “Who are you to push a police officer?”

A police officer assaulting a motorist along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on Friday 25 December 2020. Photo/Courtesy

The three officers went ahead to clobber a KBC journalist, Simon Ben, leaving him with serious injuries.

The journalist found himself in trouble after he was caught filming the officers as they were beating up the motorist.

According to reports, the officers upon realizing that the journalist had recorded the whole incident, they turned to him and beat hum up, leaving him with serious injuries.

The journalist was taken to the Nakuru Provincial General Hospital where he was treated and allowed to go home.

He has since reported to Nakuru Central Police Station.

The incident is said to have been caused by the huge traffic snarl-up along the busy highway that pitted the traffic officers against members of the public.


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