Drama as Buzeki is Heckled, Roughed Up at a Burial in Eldoret (Video)

There was drama in Kesses constituency in Uasin Gishu county after famous politician cum businessman Zedekiah Bundotich was heckled and finally ejected from the podium by angry mourners.

Buzeki, who was addressing mourners during the burial of the late Jude Rono, who succumbed to Leukemia, was forced to cut short his speech after irritate mourners went wild over his utterances.

The fracas started after the CCM Secretary-General, who seemed agitated, told off a section of residents and leaders, telling them not to force him to support the region’s kingpin William Ruto.

Buzeki, who jumped ship from Ruto’s camp to Isaac Rutto’s Chama Cha Mashinani party in 2019, lost his temper after a section of leaders allied to the DP threw chaps at him over what they termed as Buzeki’s betrayal to the community.

“If you don’t want to vote for me in 2022 as your governor, it is well and good, but do not force me to support Ruto,” stated Buzeki.

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He went ahead to lash out at some of the leaders from the county led by Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi saying they were intolerant and non-accommodative to divergent views.

Buzeki said he had been patient over some insults they have been throwing against him and that it was their time to sit back and allow him to air out his opinion.

“Mr. Tenai recently you called me a pig. Give me a moment to finish please stop heckling me…” lamented Buzeki.

It was, however, Buzeki’s sentiments urging residents to respect and give credit to the area MP Dr. Mishra Swarup Kiprob over good performance, which seemed to irritate the mourners.

“Mishra has helped many people in this constituency…do not disrespect him because he has worked hard to fulfill his promises to the constituents…I am not campaigning for him but laying bare the good works he has done,” stated Buzeki amid jeers from the crowd.

The mourners, who seemed irritated by Buzeki’s sentiments went wild with many calling for him to abort his speech and seat down.

Despite this, the defiant Buzeki went ahead to disclose how the Kieleweke considered MP had dedicated his time to serving the interests of his people. At one moment, Buzeki burst out with anger, warning the mourners not to shout him down.

“Hapana tisha mimi, I will speak the truth,” angry Buzeki lashed out at the wild crowd which was threatening to throw him out of the podium.

The anger-driven politician was finally forced to cut short his speech after the mourners invaded the podium, pushing him away over what they termed as disrespect towards Kesses residents and other leaders in attendance.

Buzeki was later forced out of the function after residents threatened to take action into their hands and kick the vocal CCM SG out of the place.

The Uasin Gishu county gubernatorial aspirant later asked for forgiveness, saying he lost his temper while on the podium.

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