Drama as ‘Dead’ Man Returns Home [VIDEO]

Residents of Nabisiongo, Matayos Constituency in Busia County were on Saturday, November 14 shocked after a man believed to have died and buried returned home.

The man, Steven Ogolla, who the family had conducted his burial four months ago after he went missing, could not enter his home as his family was convinced that he was a ghost.

After going missing for a month, his family embarked on a search mission which turned futile.

However, rumours started spreading around after days of unsuccessful search mission that a body had been spotted floating on River Suo.

Police officers led by Busia OCS Julius Lingole retrieved the already decomposing body and took it to the mortuary after which Ogolla’s family members positively identified the body as their kin.

On the day of the burial, angry villagers attacked the home of the person they believed had murdered Ogolla.

“I couldn’t tell how a brother, whose body we had identified and buried could be alive,” Ouma, Ogolla’s younger brother, told The Standard.

Ogolla, 40, who was very happy to be home stood helplessly with no idea what was going on.

He wondered why the people he knew very well were treating him with a lot of suspicion and were unwilling to come close to him.

Ogolla was forced to seek refuge at Matayos Police Post after his family refused to accept him.

While speaking to the media, Ogolla appealed to the government to exhume the body buried in his compound by his family who thought it was him as questions emerge on identity of body picked from mortuary.

Ogolla said he has been living in Port Victoria where he has been fishing to make ends meet but he did not inform his family when he left their home.

The father of seven will be allowed to rejoin his family after elders to perform rituals to cleanse him and his home.

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