Drama as Man Attacks Police Offices Then Hides in Church to Escape Arrest

There was drama at Kiminini township, Trans-Nzoia County on Sunday, December 20 after am attacked police officers and stoned their vehicle before he fled to seek refuge in a nearby church.

According to reports by The Standard, the man stated pelting the police vehicle with stones on the Kiminini-Ndalu road without any provocation from the officers.

A police officer told the publication that the attack come as a surprise to them and were not aware of the motive of the suspect.

“We were in our normal patrol when the man pelted us with stones but we have arrested him and he will be charged,” said the officer. An eyewitness said the man picked stones and hit the police vehicle without any provocation.

A witness also told the media that the officers were patrolling in the area when the suspect attacked then before taking refugee inside the church.

The suspect being taken into custody. Photo/Courtesy

“The officers were patrolling in the area when the man picked stones and pelted the vehicle before he took refugee inside the church to avoid being arrested,” said a man who witnessed the incident.

The suspect, who is said to be a relative of a local politician, then fled from the scene and entered Assemblies of Grace Church to hide.

It took police officers, who stormed the church in pursuit of the suspect, five minutes to take him into custody as congregants demanded the officers to allow the pastor pray for the man before he could be taken into custody.

The pastor prayed for the suspect who was on his knees and asked him to repent his deed before handing him over to the police.

The church leader walked with him outside where he was handcuffed and led into a police vehicle.

He was taken to Mutangale police station where he is being held.

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