Rachel Shebesh forced to cut short her Kericho tour after public spat over DP Ruto

Drama as Rachel Shebesh Forced to Abandon Development Tour in Kericho After She ‘Bad Mouthed’ DP Ruto

There was drama in Kericho County today Wednesday, 09 September after the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) in the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Rachel Shebesh had a public disagreement with Kericho Women Representative Florence Bore.

Shebesh was forced to cut short her visit in her capacity as the CAS for Youth and Gender where she was scheduled to hand over cheques to youth and women in 6 sub-counties in Kericho.

However, that was not to happen as her security quickly whisked her away after the first event turned chaotic.

According to video doing rounds on social media, the two leaders had a public disagreement after Shebesh said that DP Willam Ruto and his allies must respect President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Let me tell you the truth, no one today can say what will happen in 2022 except God. Everyone (Ruto) has a right to seek for votes, but must do so with respect” Shebesh said forcing the Kericho Woman Rep and her entourage to stand up and cut her speech.

Public Service and Gender, Chief Administrative Secretary, @Rachelshebesh is today presiding over an event hosted by Kericho Women Rep. Hon. Florence Bore.
Public Service and Gender, Chief Administrative Secretary, Rachel Shebesh
today presiding over an event hosted by Kericho Women Rep. Hon. Florence Bore before the two openly disagreed over Shebesh’s sentiments on Ruto. Image/Twitter

Reacting to the clash with Shebesh, Woman Rep Florence Bore told another gathering that the CAS had to leave for Nairobi because they did not agree with her stand on DP William Ruto.

“2022 it’s the people who will decide and it is the reason that Rachel and I clashed.” Bore said.

According to Bore, Shebesh wanted to take advantage of the meeting so as to gear up her political mileage rather than focusing on affirmative funds allocated to women.

“I thought she was coming to help me on development matters but she had other ideas. She asked me if I was part of the system which is against William Ruto’s 2022 presidential ambitions but I told her ground is Ruto,”

“The system I am in is with the people who will decide the fate of our Deputy President”

Before she hurriedly left for Nairobi, Shebesh reiterated that it was important that all leaders respect Uhuru and his family.

She condemned the ugly remarks against Mama Ngina by Mps Johanna Ng’eno and Oscar Sudi which have steered a huge political storm across the country.


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