Emurua Dikir MP Arrested. Image/Facebook

Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ng’eno Released then Re-arrested Again, Transferred to Narok Police Station

Emurua Dikir MP Johana Ng’eno has been re-arrested by the DCI after he was released from police custody at Trans Mara East Sub-County and transferred to Narok Police station. He is currently locked up in Narok Police station as at 9:50pm.

Earlier in the evening, Ng’eno was arrested at his home over inciteful remarks he made against President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday.

The police preffered charges of incitement against the Mp and has been driven to an unknown destination after angry youths threatened to release him from police custody.

“In his address, he used demeaning and abusing language against the head of state. The same was captured and went viral on social media…” read part of the charges against Ng’eno.

During his arrest a few minutes past 4.00 pm, the police were forced to shoot in the air to disperse a huge crowd of his constituents who tried to block the police from taking him into custody.

Emurua Dikir residents demonstrate the arrest of their Mp Johana Ng’eno
Emurua Dikirr residents demonstrate the arrest of their Mp Johana Ng’eno. Image/Facebook

“They are coming for me. I am ready for them. If this arrest will free our country and people from both physical and psychological torture, then nothing will be more redemptive,” Ng’eno wrote on Facebook moments before his arrest.

Reacting to his arrest Kapseret Mp pointed a finger at President Uhuru Kenyatta for ordering for the arrest of those allied to William Ruto and critical of his rule.

“I want to categorically tell Uhuru that we do not have any debt for you but your contempt for the Kalenjins and Ruto is worrying…I want to tell you that this country is for all of us. This country is not Mama Ngina’s, Muhoho’s or yours.” Sudi said on the arrest of Ngeno.

The arrest comes hours after a video of him emerged on social media making passionate lecture to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Uhuru should work with the Deputy President and if you do not want to do so, go home, Kenya does not belong to Uhuru Kenyatta…Kenya belongs to the people, this is not a country you can rule the way you want, and if you want to jail us, so be it,” ranted the MP.

In the angry rant, the Mp told the President to rule fairly or dissolve the government and return o his Gatundu home.

He further took a swipe at CS Tobiko and Rift Valley Regional Coordinator George Natembeya for the skirmishes witnessed in Narok South.

“If there is a person who has incited people of Narok South to fight is George Natembeya who is the Right Valley Regional Commissioner,” he said.

The MP has been booked at Emurua Dikirr Police station to record a statement.

This story was updated at 9.30 pm

Story was again updated on Monday at 9:54pm



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