Nick Mwendwa is accused of siphoning money from FKF to personal accounts.

Ex-FKF President Nick Mwendwa on the Spot for Siphoning Millions from FKF Accounts into his Personal Accounts

Ex-FKF President Nick Mwendwa is on the spot for transferring millions of shillings to his personal account even when his tenure ended on 10 February 2020, and at a time when the National Executive Committee is non-existent.

While Mwendwa has always maintained his stance that he will remain in office “until a new president is elected” his action of siphoning millions of shillings from FKF accounts into his personal accounts is appalling.

The Sports Disputes Tribunal ruled that the term of the National Executive Committee which he was part of (according to article 37 (a) of the FKF Constitution 2017) had ended and therefore by law he was prohibited from transacting any business on behalf of FKF.

Documents sent by an insider to the Kenyan Herald editorial indicate a massive pilferage of football funds in the months of June and July 2020.

Massive transfer of money began on June 15th, and continued so until July 17th to an unofficial personal account.

And the pace at which the money was transferred points to a man in a hurry and poses many questions as to how Kenya Commercial Bank failed to raise an alarm, owing to the fact that there is no football activities in the country due to covid-19.

By law, Mwendwa cannot transact nor spend without direct authority from the board and it raises more queries than answers now since the football body board is non-existent.

The latest expose comes few weeks after football stakeholders led by Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Presidential aspirants Sam Nyamweya and Jack Oguda wrote to the have the Sports Cabinet Secretary Ambassador Amina Mohamed after it emerged that FKF had allegedly made double requisition of African Cup of Nation funds which was held in Egypt last year.

Mwendwa is accused of making a requisition for funds from Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) in spite of the fact that Confederation of African Football (Caf) sent money to the football body accounts.

“FKF received $260,000 from Caf for the preparation of the national football team Harambee Stars and a further $620,000 in prize money for finishing third in the group stages of the Afcon 2019,” a letter sent to Amina Mohamed read.

Football stakeholders have recently demanded that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) investigate and prosecute Nick Mwendwa and his cohorts for fraud, misappropriation and theft of public funds.

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