Ezekiel Mutua Wants Ohangla Musician Aloka Arrested For Promoting Pedophilia, Degrading Women In Obscene Video

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua wants the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to apprehend an Ohangla musician whose song is said to be promoting pedophilia and degradation of women.

In a social media post, the moral police said the obscene song was brought to his attention by Kisumu Woman Representative Rosa Buyu.

According to Mutua, DCI will arrest the musician who has been identified as Aloka and his producer.

“The Board is inundated with complaints about an obscene Ohangla video that’s promoting paedophilia and degradation of women. We have alerted the DCI to arrest the singer and the producer. Thank you Hon. Rosa Buyu for bringing this to our attention,” said Mutua.

“Why would a grown up man produce such dirty video like the one by this fellow Aloka? Whose kids are in this video? Can’t their parents take action? Who recorded the video and why? I think the police should have by now arrested the singer and his producer. This is so wrong.”


The KFCB boss further indicated that he is working with Google to pull down the video for violating the provisions of the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 in respect to content creation regulations.

The video, he revealed, had not received the go-ahead from the board for public exhibition/consumption and age appropriateness.

The unidentified producer had allegedly not obtained a filming license.

“We shall deal with this kind of content creation violations and ensure that art is not used to destroy our culture and morality and that children are not prematurely exposed to adult content”, he continued.

Those already in possession of the video have been asked not to glorify it any further by sharing it.

Mutua also asked artistes to refrain from publishing content that is yet to get a thumbs up from the board.

Noting that children are learning via the internet thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the KFCB chief said he is working with DCI, Google and Communications Authority of Kenya to promote child online safety.

“Content does not have to be dirty to sell and our artistes must know that such dirty content will also be consumed by their children. Let’s all be responsible and use creativity to promote our culture and values.”

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