Faisal’s Message to DP Ruto After Winning Msambweni By-election

Musambweni Member of Parliament-elect Feisal Abdallah Bader has pledged his allegiance to Deputy President William Ruto after winning the hotly contested by-election.

Speaking to NTV after the win on Wednesday, December 16, Bader he was grateful for the support of DP Ruto and his allies had given him throughout the period.

“The DP stood with me when ODM humiliated me. His close allies like Muthama, Khalwale and Hassan Omar have been here with me all through to ensure that I won. I know I cannot repay them but will always pray for them,” he said

The MP-elect stated that he will now focus on completing the late MP Suleiman Dori’s agenda.

Deputy President William Ruto with Msambweni MP-elect Feisal Abdallah Bader at his Karen home. Photo/Courtesy

Bader has also reached out to his opponents to join hands with him adding that the campaign period is now over and the will of Musambweni people must prevail.

“It has been a tough campaign period amid coronavirus perhaps being the longest campaign period. But for over seven months, I had confidence that I would win but I could not underestimate my opponents.”

“I want to reach out to my friends to join hands with me and bring the ideas they have on the table so that we can serve the people of Musambweni,” Bader said.

He added that he grateful to the people of Musambweni for giving him a chance to serve them.

“I want to promise the people of Musambweni that I will fulfill all the promises but during my first days as their MP, I have to see that what my good friend Dori had started is accomplished,” he said.

Bader beat ODM Omar Boga who was perceived as the favorite candidate after garnering 15,251 votes against Boga’s 10,444 votes.

Wiper’s Abdurahman Sheikh come third with 790 votes followed by Hamisi Mwakaonje Liganje(UGM) with 230 and Marere Wa Mwachai Mwarapayo(NVP) with 300.

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