Family seeks justice

Family Crys for Justice After Drunk Driver Who Killed Two is Released from Custody, Brags How Powerful and Connected he is

A family in Nairobi is seeking justice after a drunk driver killed two of their relatives in an incident that has left many questioning the justice system in Kenya.

The drunk driver by the name Alex Mucheru who is said to be a senior public health officer working in one of the counties and is also a director in a motor vehicle dealership in Ngong road.

Family seeks justice
Mucheru’s harrier which killed two people. Image/Courtesy

The family narrated through a post shared on Motorists Association of Kenya Facebook page that after a wedding ceremony after party, they left Westlands on the fateful day, Friday, October 2, around 10 pm at night.

One of their vehicles ferried 5 family members and drove towards Thika  road and on reaching the footbridge between Delarue and Drive In, their probox vehicle slowed down because of speed bumps when a speeding when Harrier hit them from the back.

Dave, 24 years old and seated at the back with two other passengers Whitney 19 years old and Kevin 22 years died on the spot.

Whitney and Kevin were rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment.

On Sunday 4th October, Kevin succumbed lost his battle as a result of Bilateral Pulmonary Contusion and Haemothorax.


The family says that the black harrier was being driven by a totally drunk owner, Alex Mucheru.

Their painful narration tells how a completely drunk and indifferent Mucheru at the accident scene could hardly figure out the disaster he had caused.

“When the police arrived at the accident scene, Alex Mucheru was so drunk, he could not comprehend his environment, was staggering and could not even stand still.

When questioned over his actions, his obstinate behaviour rubbed salt to injury as he replied: “Hakuna mahali mtanipeleka. I work for the government. I have connections.”

The heartbroken and distraught family say the killer driver was not even slightly remorseful for his actions.

Family seeks justice
The probox carrying 5 family members hit from behind by the drunk driven harrier. Image/Courtesy

“He has robbed our family two males who were in their prime years, he has robbed our family’s peace of mind, he has robbed our family’s joy, he has robbed our family’s health and so much more. Our lives will definitely never be the same again.”

Mucheru was arrested on 2nd October and later released from Pangani police station in unclear circumstance, prompting the family to seek for answers.

The family is now crying for the authorities to find justice for them and have the man answer for his actions.

“Please help my family get the justice it deserves. Help put this man behind bars to avoid him hurting another family and to serve as a lesson to every other person who without thinking of the consequences, shamelessly drives under the influence of alcohol.”

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