Family of Distraught City Pastor Appeals for Help as Hospital Bill Swells

A family in Nairobi is crying for justice after kin ran over by a car on Thika Super Highway in June raked a total of Sh4 million bill at a Nairobi Hospital.

Pastor Victor Lawford Ouma of Deliverance Church was knocked down and run over on June 2 around the Githurai Interchange after attending a business meeting at a nearby office.

He was on his way home alongside a business partner and the friend’s wife.

Sadly, the friend’s wife died and was buried in Murang’a on June 9.

On a fateful day, a Good Samaritan took Victor to the hospital. After an attempt to have him admitted at a private hospital in Thika Town was denied. Like in many accident scenes in the country, Victor lost his documents that made it difficult for identification.

The stranded Good Samaritan handed him to a Boda boda who took him to Thika Level Five Hospital.

“It all started with a phone call after midnight when the confused friend managed to gather the courage to tell one of his friends that he was in an accident with Victor. The accident that had claimed his wife’s life left Victor in pain and he was confused about the situation around him.

“We gathered courage in the morning and made a quick dash to Thika Level Five where we found Victor on a stretcher. He was in real pain and the only thing we could do was to thank God that he was alive and in real pain. For the next month, we hoped for Hoperation in Thika but nothing came his way,” Emmanuel Odera, a younger brother says.

Victor was later transferred to Nairobi and admitted at Avenue Hospital where he has been since.

In the days that followed several operations and surgeries have been performed on Victor.

Several doctors and specialists have been involved. From skin grafting, psychiatry, mental health, diet and many others.

The bill rose to Sh4.3 million. The family has through friends and relatives managed to push so much.

The family is now calling on welwishers, friends from across the world to help clear the bill and allow for Victor’s release as his rehabilitation begins in earnest.

“I mean, we are accepting ANYTHING. From Sh10, Sh20 and Literally ANYTHING. It is sad that it got to this level. We have drained our account to keep our Brother alive. But, in life, there comes a time when you tap your neighbor or friend’s should and this is where we are at the moment,” said elder brother Derek Otieno

Those willing to help can send donations to Paybill: 510797. Account Name: YOUR NAME

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