Fears of Return of Mungiki Worries Security Agencies

A security report handed over to President Uhuru Kenyatta points to the return of mungiki even as crimes surge in the country.

According to the Star Newspaper, the rate of crime going up has been blamed on the covid-19 pandemic and rising unemployment.

But it is the widespread springing of outlawed groups that has given the interior ministry a reason to worry as politicians turn to them for political support and protection.

The national security report which Uhuru tabled in Parliament reveal that crime in Kenya has gone up  5.8 per cent.

On the outlawed Mungiki, the report lays the blame squarely on politicians accused of supporting and bankrolling their activities.

National Intelligence Service now says that the re-emergence of the outlawed Mungiki sect is worrisome as  land and boundary disputes and inter-communal conflicts surge.

“Whereas the threats posed by Mungiki significantly declined during the period, there was re-emergence of activities by its remnants in parts of Nyeri, Murang’a, Kirinyaga, Kiambu and Laikipia counties,” the report notes.

“This was partly attributed to the support of the outlawed group by some political leaders coupled with the Mungiki leader’s quest to reassert his position as the sect leader.”

Mungiki sect members, the report says, majorly used public gatherings disguised as worship meetings to popularise the sect, recruit members and coordinate activities.

In the report, the government admits that youth unemployment is a major contributor to the crime surge.

“The major causes of these threats (crime surge) included: unemployment, perceived marginalisation, environmental degradation, technological advancements, regional conflicts, corruption, unhealthy political competition and negative ethnicity,” the report states.

According to the Star Newspaper, there are other dangerous sects such as Wajukuu wa Bibi, Wakali Wao and Wakali Kwanza which are wrecking havoc in Mombasa.

Many of the sect members are believed to be between the ages of 11 and 25 with many of them are being released convicts.

But in spite of their deceitfully young ages, the sec members are brutal and use crude weapons to rob, maim and cause fear among the citizens.





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