Fleeing Ex-Tanzania MP Released Unconditionally, Allowed to Live in Kenya

A day after being apprehended and detained at Kajiado Police Station, former Arusha MP Godless Lema has been released unconditionally.

Lema, who was arrested on Sunday at Ilbisil town along Kajiado-Namanga road by the Kenyan authorities, was forced to spend the night at Kajiado Police Station after Tanzanian authorities raised an alarm after the ex-MP together with his family tricked their way into the country through Namanga.

Amnesty protests alleged Kenya plan to deport former Tanzanian MP Godbless  Lema » Capital News

The politician was released on Monday afternoon and allowed to live in Kenya under the asylum program.

This was after an uproar from the International organizations led by Amnesty International, which urged the Kenyan government to free the politician and allow him to live in the country as a refugee since his life was in danger.

Through a statement released on Monday, Amnesty International warned the state against any plans to deport Lema and his family.

The NGO body communicated that the fleeing Tanzania Opposition ex-MP and his family were seeking asylum in Kenya since his life was in danger and with Kenya being a state party to the 1951 convention relating to the status of Refugee Problems in Africa, it was its obligation to protect Lema.

“Kenya must not violate the internationally recognized principle of non-refoulment. The international principle is upheld by our own national laws. It prohibits Kenya from turning away people at the border or returning them to a country where they would be at risk or danger,” stated Amnesty International.

Exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna was among some of the Kenyans who had called for the release of Lema by the Kenyan authorities.

The controversial lawyer said Lema was not a criminal and was only trying to seek refuge in Kenya after allegedly being hunted down by newly sworn-in President Magufuli’s administration.

It was reported that Lema fled his Arusha home on Sunday and was intercepted at the Namanga border by Tanzanian Authorities, who asked him for his passport.

Lema is reported to have told them that he was going to look for an international school for his children hence no need to carry along his passport.

He, however, managed to sneak into the Kenyan side after cheating his way in saying he was going to change some Tanzanian currencies into Kenyan money.

Once he stepped on the Kenyan soil, Lema with his family is reported to have gotten into his lawyer’s George Luchiri Wajackoyah car and fled.

The officials at the border phoned their Kenyan counterparts, where he was trailed and arrested at Ilbissil town and thereafter taken to Kajiado police station.


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