Form 2 Student Drowns While Taking Selfie

A sombre mood engulfed residents of Gichugu, Kirinyaga County after a Form two student slipped and drowned in River Nyamindi while on a nature walk on Wednesday, December 16.

According to reports, 15-year-old Lucia Mwende was taking selfies with her friends when she slipped and fell into the river.

The girl’s mother, Lurencia Wambugi, said that she had left home in the company of her three friends on Wednesday morning.

The mother added that she was alerted that her daughter had fallen into the river.

The search for the girl’s body is underway however residents say that the efforts to retrieve the body were hampered by a heavy downpour.

The residents said the river is dangerous and poses a challenge for the search team.

“We know the history of this river…the body might be discovered after seven days,” one of the residents said.

River Nyamindi has become renowned for such incidents.

In January 2018, two first-year students from the University of Meru fell and drowned in the same river while taking selfies.

The two were in the company of five of their friends when the incident happened.

Mwea-East OCPD Kizito Mutoro, while confirming the incident said that the two were taking photos when one of them fell into the river.

The second student slipped into the river while trying to save his companion.

“The five male and two female students had come to tour the area, Daraja ya Mungu, where there is a gorge and the Chinese are working on a project to generate hydro-electric power.”

“As the students were having fun, one of them fell into the river and when the other student tried to pull his hand he slipped into the river.”

“It is a very deep part of the river and water flows with a lot of pressure,” Mutoro stated.

In 2016 a Form Two student from Kianyambo Day Secondary School drowned into the river while escaping from a man who was pursuing him.

16-year-old, Erick Murimi, and his two friends were cutting bamboo for a school project when they were confronted by a man armed with a panga.

The man had claimed the bamboo belonged to him causing the boys to flee for their safety.

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