Form 4 Students Storm Out of School Over Attempted Rape Incident

Form Four students at Lugulu Girls’ High School in Webuye, Bungoma County on Tuesday morning, December 8 stormed out of the school to protest the alleged sexual assault on one of their schoolmates.

The students staged protests along Webuye-Kitale highway to demand justice for the 16-year-old girl who allegedly assaulted within the school by unknown male person on Saturday, December 5.

According to reports, the girl was attacked and almost defiled while taking a shower in the students’ bathroom on Saturday dawn.

The suspect is said to have fled after the girl alarmed her colleagues.

“The girl, who was on the verge of being sexually assaulted, raised the alarm, forcing the suspect to flee,” reads a report filed at the Webuye Police Station.

The KCSE candidates claimed that the school administration was informed about the incident but little action was taken leading to the Tuesday’s protests.

The students told police that the school principal had refused to address their grievances.

Students from Lugulu Girls High School protesting along the Webuye-Kitale highway. Photo/Courtesy

“It is that grievance that led to today’s incident (protests),” says the police report.

The unrest in the school is said to have started on Monday night, December 7 as the KCSE candidates demanded to be addressed by the Ministry of Education officials.

“The girls were screaming and making a lot of noise demanding to be addressed by the Ministry of Education officials in Bungoma County,” School Principal, Dina Cheruiyot said.

According to Cheruiyot, the students were alleging that the school’s administration

Police stated that no injuries or damages were reported adding that investigations into the girls’ allegations have commenced.

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