Form Three Student Stabs Two Teachers

A Form three student at Kisii High School has reportedly stabbed two teachers.

According to reports, the incident happened on Tuesday morning, January 12 after the student was summoned after he reported to class late.

Edwin Mokaya, one of the teachers who the student stabbed, said that he took the student to the staffroom where he asked him to kneel down and explain why he has turned up late for the morning preps.

It is there that the student reportedly took a knife and stabbed Mokaya on the forehead, back and legs.

The student then stabbed another teacher, Elvis Maoto, who attempted to rescue his colleague, on the wrist.

Their colleagues came to their aid and managed to restrain the student.

The teachers were rushed to Ram Hospital in Kisii town.

Ram Hospital administrator Enock Abobo said one of the teachers was brought in with severe stab wounds and is in critical condition.

The other teacher who sustained minor injuries was treated and is to be discharged.

Senior police and education officers reported to the school after the incident and investigations have been launched to get to the bottom of the matter.

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