CS Keriako Tobiko lashes out at DP Ruto, says he is a mere clerk for Uhuru Kenyatta

Gloves Off as CS Keriako Tobiko Disparages DP Ruto as a Mere Clerk in Response to Murkomen’s Remark

The war of words in Jubilee top administration is threatening to boil over, even as the relationship between the president and his deputy takes a turn for the worst.

Cabinet Secretaries are now openly rebelling and insulting the Deputy President in what appears to be a new low for the Jubilee administration.

In a hard hitting reply to Senator Murkomen’s remark, CS Keriako Tobiko in a moment of anger lashed out at Murkomen for calling him a mere clerk in the Jubilee administration.

While telling the Elgeyo Marakwet Senator to respect the president, Tobiko said him and the deputy president are both working for the president as mere clerks.

The environment CS further condemned the open disrespect of the head of state by Ruto

Tobiko accuses Ruto of disrespecting Uhuru Kenyatta
Tobiko accuses Ruto of disrespecting Uhuru Kenyatta, calls him a mere clerk. Image/Courtesy

allies and said that they in government will not respect DP Ruto if he continues undermining the president.

“Murkomen is has no respect. He thinks he has the authority to abuse other leaders and the president. You (the press) tell him (Murkomen) to respect the president. Even his boss (DP) is a clerk of the president… Deputy President is the clerk. He is the assistant of the president.”

The former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) said that it was time Uhuru Kenyatta was given the respect he deserves as the head of state.

An angry Tobiko continued: “The way I respect my president as his clerk the DP and Murkomen should also respect Uhuru as his clerk. Respect is cut forth way, it is a two way traffic. If you don’t respect the president of the republic of Kenya, you do not deserve to be respected by anyone.”

In a quick rejoinder, Murkomen has taken to tweeter saying that Tobiko would have not been a CS if it weren’t for Willam Ruto.

The vocal Elgeyo Marakwet now points fingers at Uhuru Kenyatta for letting his Cabinet Secretaries openly insult DP Ruto.

“Without the blessings of the President these idiotic CSs would never have insulted the DP. William Ruto is not anyone’s clerk, he was jointly elected with the President & without him Uhuru would not be President & Tobiko would never be a clerk. In a working state Tobiko would be sacked”

Tobiko was enraged by a Murkomen tweet where the former leader of majority in the senate called him a ‘mere clerk in Jubilee government.’

In a tweet on Thursday night, Murkomen had told off Tobiko for lecturing the DP in a function he had attended jointly with Health CS Mutahi Kagwe and Interior CS Fred Matiang’i in Kajiado County.

Murkomen said it was wrong for the CS to disparage the DP at a time when the president was continually side-lining him in government.

“Mr. Tobiko you are a mere clerk in Jubilee govt. You forget so fast that you became a CS because the President was trying to get rid of you from the office of DPP. You have no moral authority to lecture your boss the DP even if he is being molested by his boss. First try to be MCA”

Murkomen’s anger appears to have been drawn to Kajiado meeting where three cabinet secretaries openly insulted William Ruto.

Tobiko told a gathering that he would not have attended the meeting if it was Ruto who had sent him, sentiments that were echoed by Fred Matiang’i and Mutahi Kagwe.

During the Kajiado meeting, Tobiko said that DP should quit hosting huge delegations to his Karen office.

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