How Royal Mabati Factory Has Failed its Customers Time and Again: Part 3

On July 15, 2020, Frankline Momanyi bought 180 Zeetile CGM mabatis and 40 Rolltops for 305, 100 shillings and 22, 000 shillings respectively. The company assured him that the pieces would be delivered by July 20.

The client is now lamenting how the company is now behaving like a pyramid scheme after he made payments and was assured that items will be delivered promptly.

It has now taken more three months for Royal Mabati to fulfil its pledge to Momanyi who was forced to write to the company demanding for a refund.

In a demand letter seen by the Kenyan Herald, the company wrote to the client thus;

“It has come to our attention that you wish to request for a refund. You understand that such refund request must be made within 30 days of the purchase…”

The letter continues to say: “If the request for a refund is valid, Royal Mabati Factory Limited will process the refund to the customer within 60 working days from the time this letter is received and stamped at RMFL offices.”

Momanyi now says that even after being taken in circles, the company is yet to fulfil their promise and now wonders what will happen to the items he requested for.

The tribulations of customer points to a customer care of the firm looking astonishingly dysfunctional because hundreds of complaints have never been dealt with to completion.

Royal Mabati has become disloyal to clients and continues to treat them with tone deafness.


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