How Royal Mabati Fraudulently Obtained Ksh 212, 000 From Client, Blocked Her After Failing to Deliver Items: Part 4

“Now that you are not able to meet our request as per the order and quotation issued, please go ahead and cancel our order. Let the money be refunded as paid and equally as fast we paid.”

The conversation above is the genesis of Veronica Kombe’s tribulations with Royal Mabati Factory. It is a painful conversation that sums up the frustrations of hundreds of customers who have engaged with the dubious company.

On June, 6th Veronica made two separate payments to Royal Mabati Factory via Mpesa, 150,000 shillings and 62, 063 shillings respectively.

Immediately they received the money amounting to 212, 000 shillings, they informed the client that the items she wanted were not available, a move that was premeditated and clearly calculated by the sales rep by the name Pauline to lure Veronica part make a payment.

The conversation between Veronica and RMF sales rep reveals a vicious circle of a ruthless technique to acquire money from desperate clients even with the knowledge that they cannot deliver.



In form and context, it is almost similar to social engineering techniques used by cons to manufacture personal bank and Mpesa information from people before ripping them off.

From numerous engagements with clients currently battling with the company to either deliver items or refund their money, the sales reps are pushed by the management to make hefty promises, a baiting technique that has left many regretting engaging with the company.

The scheme has further exposed the company’s rotten underbelly, compounded by many complaints the Kenyan Herald Editorial team continues to receive.

Veronica, among many other customers has called out the company for engaging in uncouth business practices since the company fails to disclose to clients that the items requested are unavailable. They bait them to make payments then issue a 60 day refund order, meaning that they use the money to offset other matters and recoup the money after two months.


After the company failed to deliver the items she paid for, she says that she was taken in circles and referred to a lady called Caroline to which she was asked to fill a refund form that will mature in 60 days.

“I think you guys need to work on your ethics. After paying you are throwing me off to a different person whereas before all this was straight talk. Mara you do not have the colour we want and yet you quoted for it. We compromise on the colour now the gauge we want is not available. We ask for a refund now it takes 60 days to get our money back yet all along I have been emphasizing on the timelines.” reads part of the conversation deducted for this article.

Veronica now wonders why the company engages in con games with clients to the extent that they gossip about the disappointments of clients with their colleagues.

The conversation continues…: “You call to sengenya me thinking you are talking to your colleague and laughing about my disappointment with your services. It is wrong in so many levels. Have your team process our refund. There is no ethical, moral or professional reason to keep our money for 60 days due to failure on your part. And the way you pushed me to pay mpaka late Saturday.”


“Wouldn’t you have disclosed all these issues you guys have to enable us make a decision. How can you do business without honesty and trust as a foundation for a so called super brand? I really regret engaging with you. I would rather pay more but deal with an honest team. Just refund our money and as fast as we paid you.”

Veronica after all her hustle, was blocked and blacklisted by the company’s sales rep and has since resorted to getting a lawyer to sort help her deal with Royal Mabati Factory.

Her case is similar to that of Geoffrey Ikagala from Busia who says that after he made payments worth 149, 000 shillings via Co-operative bank in June, they have never delivered and they never pick his calls.

Our efforts to get a response from the Royal Mabati Factory team have borne no fruits even as many more people come forward with similar complaints.

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