How Technology Has Changed The Way We Communicate

About 30 years ago before the first mobile phones hit the Kenyan market, landlines and letters dominated long distance communication. These had their share.of challenges, which today would seem alien. For instance people with relatives abroad would go and wait for calls from their loved ones on designated days, at the homes of rich neighbors who owned landlines. Letters, popularly known as the snail mail would take ages before they reached their intended recipients and at times though rarely, get lost.

That past has been overtaken by cellphones and social media platforms platforms which now dominated the communication space. Smartphones have now joined this space and they have given enabled us to have both a cellphone and social media in one device.

In the fast paced world we live in, one can now instantly get in touch with anyone, anywhere and anytime at the click of a button. A message can travel across the world in an instant, and through smartphones, we can even make video calls, a technology which allows those communicating to see each other in realtime, as they communicate.

Indeed, the current generation of youngsters don’t have an idea of how tough it was to pass a simple message in the past through technology.

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