How to Apply For Over 15,000 Vacancies Advertised By TSC

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced 15,226 new jobs for teachers across the country.

The teachers’ employer on Saturday, December 26, invited applicants for the positions advertised including Deputy Principal, Senior Lecturer, Senior Master, Curriculum Support Officers (CSO), Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher.

TSC encouraged interested persons to apply through their official portal. Once an applicant has logged into TSC portal, you should click on “Actions” on the interested vacancy and fill in the required details.

The details include surname, passport or ID number and the TSC number.

Applicants are also required to upload the following documents during applications;

i. Letter of appointment to the current grade.

ii. Letter of appointment/deployment to the current responsibility.

iii. Certificate of Good Conduct from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

iv. Clearance Certificate by Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).

v. Clearance Application from Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

vi. Clearance Certificate from a Credit Reference Bureau.

vii. Tax Compliance Certificate from Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

All the applications are closing on Wednesday, January 13.

The positions advertised include; 1,341 vacancies for the promotion to Deputy Principal 1, 1,096 vacancies for the Deputy Principal 1 (Grade D2/TSC Scale 12) position and 1,341 vacancies for the Deputy Principal 1 slots (Grade D3/TSC Scale 13).

A total of 39 positions have been advertised for the Senior Lecturer 1 position with 1,590 vacancies available on Deputy Principal III jobs-(Grade D1/TSCScale 11).

The commission has also advertised the 29 vacancies for the Curriculum Support Officer II-(Grade C5/TSC Scale 10) while 2,111 positions are up for grabs on the Head Teacher position – (Grade C5/TSC Scale 10).

The Senior Master IV – (Grade C4/TTSC Scale 9) has 6,680 vacancies and another 1,765 positions have been advertised for Deputy Head Teacher II – (Grade C4/TSC Scale 9).

TSC also advertised 45 vacancies for the Senior Lecturer IV – (Grade C4/TSC Scale 9) position with a further 350 advertised on the Senior Master IV (C4/T-Scale 9).

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