How to stay a healthy life

Our health is one of the precious things one can have. By staying healthy we will be strong and stay long.

1. Have enough sleep
A human being must sleep an average of 8 hours a day. Sleep reduces stress and without sufficient and regular sleep brain power are lost and reduces brain function. To sleep well take a warm bath before bedtime. Take your meals two hours before bedtime and a take small quantity of food during dinner.

2. Drink plenty of water
It is good to take six to eight glasses of water daily before meals. Poor hydration causes irritability. Water is good for body circulation and it hydrates our skin. Take both warm and cold water to build up how immune also to protect us from the flu. Without enough, water the body absorbs water from the stool making it harder when eliminating it.

3. Take plenty of vegetables and fruits
Most vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber that will help to control constipation. Vegetables and fruits are good for our cure its just enough to take it and prevent some unnecessary illness in our bodies. It is the first prevent for our illnesses it also rich in vitamin C.

4. Avoid excessive fats
Excess fats may cause diseases and obesity as well. Use unsaturated vegetables to restores to many fats in the body. To avoid it try to use natural fruits or vegetables s as source of fat we consume. Use avocados a fat but consume little of it. Avoid excess sugar and salt that may cause hypertension in our bodies. a  Use very little amount of sugar and salt to avoid blockage of coronary arteries in our heart.

5. Make sure you have frequent exercise
Exercise makes one fit and flexible. It makes our muscles strong for work. This helps in reducing excessive fats in our bodies that have been consumed. Through physical exercise we remove excessive water in our bodies making ourselves more reactant.

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