Deputy president William Ruto in an interview with Citizen's Joe Ageyo

I Took a Back Seat to Allow Uhuru Kenyatta Build His Legacy, Says DP William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday night interview with Citizen Tv shed more light on his current role as the president’s assistant after concerns were raised that he no longer has a say in the running of the government.

Ruto told Joe Ageyo that the decision to have him take the back seat was a mutual agreement with the president, to allow the head of state build his legacy.

“In the second term, the President decided to do things in a different way, which I respect. I take a slight back seat because we want to build the legacy of President Uhuru because for a long time we had UhuRuto…and some people got concerned and said maybe it should be Uhuru because he is the President,” Ruto said.

Ruto further noted that before 2017, it was the dynamic duo of Uhuruto but for the president to shine on his last term, it was only reasonable for Ruto to be taken out of the equation.

“So for Uhuru to stand out, maybe we should scale down the UhuRuto so that Ruto can take a back seat, do less, so that we can project President Uhuru as the leader of government which is the case… I am the deputy president and I know my place.”

The Dp continued to say that he had no issues with Uhuru building alliances with the opposition parties, although he was at pains explaining that the development platform Uhuruto had was lost when Uhuru entered into a handshake deal with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

The second in command lamented that the Handshake had derailed Uhuru’s chances of continuing his development agenda because it reduced the momentum he had created in his first term.

On the internal wrangles bedeviling the ruling party, Ruto said that the people that had killed KANU are the same that have brought the deadly virus to Jubilee.

“The party has been hijacked by brokers who are running it through fear. Their word is the party position. The same virus that infected KANU and killed it after the 2002 elections has come to Jubilee,”

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