Alfred Mutua Launches his presidential bid for 2022

I Will Create 5 Million Jobs in 3 Years, Says Mutua as he Launches his 2022 Presidential Bid

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has declared his 2022 presidential ambitions in a colourful closed door event held in Machakos today September 6.

It was pomp and colour as the flamboyant governor immersed himself deep into the 2022 presidential politics.

While outlining his manifesto, he regarded himself as a ‘young, dynamic and innovative’ leader who will not play into the hands of the system and deep state.

Dr. Mutua said that he very well understands what is ailing the country and has the solution

Dr. Mutua made a passionate appeal during the televised launch
Dr. Mutua made a passionate appeal during the televised launch. Image/Courtesy

that will take the country to the next level.

Premising his campaign on creating 5 million jobs in his first term as president, the former Kibaki government spokesperson said that Kenya needs a total ‘reboot’ to give it a ‘fresh start.’

But it was his passionate appeal in front of cameras that caught the attention of his audience and viewers watching on television.

“We need to start afresh. We need to change the way things are done & the way leaders serve. We need something new – a fresh start,” he declared.

“I know what works and what doesn’t work in Kenya. Kenya needs a young, dynamic, innovative, but mature leader who understands the system, but is not captive of the system” continued the governor.

Citing his successful record as Government Spokesperson, the governor said that his transformation of Machakos County is enough reason for him to be elected as president in 2022.

“At independence, our parents, our freedom fighters, wept with joy as they watched our flag rise and that of the colonialists lowered. We were hopeful. We told ourselves, we will be rich, we will be developed, we will be happy.”

The Maendeleo Chap Chap Party leader said his main focus will be growing the Kenyan

Alfred Mutua Launches his presidential bid for 2022
Alfred Mutua Launches his presidential bid for 2022. Image/Courtesy

Economy to compete with other developed countries.

“If we don’t (get a fresh start), 50 years from today we will be asking the same questions we are asking today while languishing in poverty as the rest of the world leaves us way behind. I have agonised about the pain and the political circus going in our country,” he stated.


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