I’m Going Nowhere – DP Ruto Tells Off Perennial Complainers

Deputy president William Ruto told off political detractors and “master complainants” who take issue with his canvassing the nation.

Speaking from his Sugoi home, the second in command told his critics that he will not stop giving to the less fortunate or the youths.

“I don’t know what the problem is with some people. I really sympathise with them. When I call people to my home, they have a problem, when I go to church, they have a problem, when I give donations, they have a problem. When I give motorcycles, they have a problem,” he said.

He continued: “If you have a problem, you will have it for a long time because I am not about to stop and I’m not about to go anywhere.”

DP Ruto told the “perennial complainers” that his is a calling from God to help others.

“When I donate a motorcycle, give someone else a car…. don’t be a perennial complainer… you are the king of complaints… when you’re defeated, you complain, when in government, you complain… I have been raised by God so I can bless others and I’m not going back,” he hit out.

Earlier on in the week, political competitor and ODM leader Raila Odinga questioned the DP’s source of wealth.

Raila wondered where the DP gets the funds to drive youth empowerment initiatives yet his salary was not over Sh1 million.

“He has called the youth and given them wheelbarrows, some get motorbikes and water tanks to help them in their businesses, where does he get the money?  Why is the money not in the government treasury yet you are donating it?”

“One person donates Ksh1 million in a month and your salary is not even Ksh2 million, where is that money from?” Odinga posed.

The DP, in response said: ““Let us be mindful about the sorry situation of millions of Kenyans struggling to meet their daily needs and above all put food on the table. Let us acknowledge that every Hustle matters.”


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