Immigration offices act swiftly after expose.

Immigration Office Acts Swiftly After the Kenyan Herald Expose

Immigration office acts swiftly after the Kenyan Herald exposed a scheme to extort 10, 000 shillings from a desperate student to process his passport.

While writing to us, the young man by the name Stephen had applied for a passport in June 10, and on the 1st of October, he went to pick it up.

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Upon reaching Nyayo House, an immigration employee demanded 10, 000 shillings from him. We highlighted how emotionally distressed the encounter left him.

The office of the Ombudsman got wind of the student’s issue and got in touch with our team. We are glad to announce that Stephen will be picking his ready passport tomorrow.

“Good afternoon…I have been called by Robert of Immigration and the good news is I’ll be picking my passport tomorrow.”

We shall continue highlighting social issues that directly affect you – we are unbowed and dedicated to exposing crooked and greedy government employees who are out to fleece you.

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