Infected by Sugar Mummy at 17 – The Inspirational Journey of a HIV Positive Young Man (Part 1)

A young man by the name Levi Knowles from Nyeri County on Thursday, November 12 shared an inspiring story of how he has lived with the HIV virus for over 12 years. 

His is a sweet bitter story of betrayal by the woman he loved dearly, who infected him with the virus before even turning 18 years. 

Read below his raw story as narrated to Ndungu Nyoro. 

Levi Knowles
The Inspirational young man from Nyeri Levi Knowles. Image/Courtesy

I hope this story inspires you and anyone who has been a dark place and even contemplated suicide.


I was born in Nyeri county. In a small village called Giakanja hapo opposite the famous Tumus.

I am the third born in a family of four. Among the siblings and the only one who hosts this tiny virus. I grew up as this lovely mamas boy. I have a very tight bond with my beautiful mum till date.

I went through my primary and secondary education well. 

Finding love 3 days after KCSE


After high school I met this particular lady who fell head over heels in love with me. 

She was older than me. 

I felt that I was lucky if not blessed to meet a mature person who understood me and accepted me as young as I was. I felt like we had a connection. 

I did my KCSE, after 3 days she came and picked me up, took me to her house and we started living our love life. She made some many promises and  showered me with crazy love.

  I felt that the heavens had smiled on me. She promised to take me to college, get me a good job and create a little heaven for me down here. I had no doubt that the love was real. 

Having come from a very humble background of which I am proud of I innocently gave this love affair my all. I got lost in this new world of love and affection. I mean… What more would I ask for?

I had everything that I needed….

Body boosters 

After living with her for almost an year, I noticed she was taking some medication. But I was so green and naive, I never gave it much thought. 

I once asked her and she told me that they were body boosters but I didn’t ask what they were used to boost. 

We lived like a normal couple with the ups and downs of being in a love affair. We would fight, break and make up… Just like people in love do. Not once did I ever think or imagine that my sweet lover would be living with HIV virus.

Like how would she be positive with all the meat and beauty, how?

Read part two in the next article 

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