Sirisia MP John Waluke Explains 120 Day Experience In Prison

It has been very difficult. These were Sirisia MP John Waluke’s words in his first interview after spending time behind bars.

The legislator spoke to Citizen TV about his days in the slammer after being convicted of Sh313 million fraud alongside Grace Wakhungu.

Waluke was sentenced to 67 years in jail and his co-convict some 69 years.

In a candid interview, he noted that the 120 days spent in prison proved difficult but have changed him into a better person.

Waluke, wakhungu
Sirisia MP John Waluke and co-convict Grace Wakhungu in Court. [Courtesy]
“It has been very hard, very difficult because you have changed from normal life to prison, even the food changes, it is tough,” he said.

On most days, he recounted as he took a walk through the Nairobi arboretum, inmates just sat around especially when there was nothing to do.

He, however, kept to himself.

“You see there was not a lot to do in jail, there is nothing to do, there is not enough room, it was a small compound,” he said.

“I used to sit alone, I did not mix or interact with anybody.”

He added that there was no preferential treatment but fellow inmates still referred to him as “mheshimiwa”.

Waluke remembered the weird prison food which consisted of vegetables and porridge.

Waluke, wakhungu
Grace Wakhungu and John Walukhe in Court. [Courtesy]
Lunch was served at 10 am and dinner at 2 pm and thereafter they would be locked up till 6 am the next morning for breakfast- a cup of porridge.

“Food was just a sukuma wiki leaf (collard greens) with water, if you were lucky, you would get two leaves, it is cooked water, mixed with salt.. it is like a soup, the ugali was not well done, but there was no option,” Waluke recounted.

He also talked about the sleeping position – spoon position – where inmates faced one side until “governor” let them know when to face the other side.

The Sirisia MP was released on Sh10 million bail.

He brought Parliament to a standstill on Thursday when he made his first public appearance.

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