Jowie Irungu in his Nishikilie video

Jowie Reveals he has Found Love After Break-up with TV Queen Jacque Maribe

Joseph Irungu famously known as Jowie has for the first time opened on his love life since he released a hit song ‘Nishikilie’ that has so far amassed more than 30, 000 views on YouTube.

Speaking today on the Bonga na Jalas show on his past tribulations, Jowie narrated how life has treated him since he was got out of jail a few months ago.

After a harrowing 16 months in jail for the gruesome murder of business woman Monica Kimani, where Jowie and his then fiancé Jacque Maribe were arrested and charged with murder, it seems that Jowie has found a new purpose in his life.

He has turned his life around, given his life to Christ and even released a song thanking God for standing with him throughout his pain and sufferings.

Jowie is now a happy man, saying that God is his anchor since there comes a time when everyone including family can leave you except the Lord.

“Being content is the best thing for me, nothing moved because I have my Jah in me. I even tell my family, I know munaweza niacha but there is one person who cannot leave me and that is God.” said Jowie.

Before their lives took a turn for the worst, Jowie had surprised his then girlfriend Jacque Maribe with a romantic proposal that swept the TV lass off her feet.

Troubled Love Life

They got engaged in June 2018.

Fast forward, Jowie told Jalang’o that they broke off their engagement while

Journalist Jacque Maribe makes come back with a new online political show called The Hot Seat
Journalist Jacque Maribe makes come back with a new online political show called the Hot Seat. Image/Courtesy

in prison with Maribe and has now moved on.

“I decided not to (keep in touch) as in ile tuu we broke up while i was still inside, we talked and let this go.” said Jowie.

“Whatever trash you are doing it be it as an anchor or musician, whatever it is, as long as you include God in every step you are making, you are not making it alone. I’m so content we (Me and Jacque) don’t talk, only check-up once in a blue moon.”

He told Jalas that he is in love with a woman only known as Ella, who is the mother of the girl appearing in his debut video ‘Nishikilie’ which has more than 32, 000 YouTube views less than 24 hours after its release.

Maribe has since created her own political show dubbed ‘The Hot Seat’ that streams live on YouTube and Facebook.



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