Karua causes heated debate over her intepretation of Maraga's advisory

Jubilee is Dying Says Martha Karua as She Asks its Supporters to Join her Narc-Kenya


With the future of the Jubilee ruling party in jeopardy, Narc-Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua has predicted that the party will soon crumble.

Martha Karua
Martha Karua. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]
The former Gichugu Mp said that the weakening of the party is very clear and that the ongoing wrangles and differences will render it untenable in 2022.

She has now urged the party supporters to jump ship and join her party which has in the recent past received massive growth in terms of membership.

“Very soon Jubilee will be no more and I urge its supporters to cross over to my side,” Karua said.

“Jubilee is dying and in 2022 it will be no more. Its supporters are grieving and they should not waste more time there,” she said.

Karua was speaking on Tuesday at a burial ceremony for Mary Muriithi in Kirinyaga.

At the same time, she urged Kirinyaga residents to reject BBI in totality, saying that it was a ploy to rig 2022 elections.

“This document is the worst as it will be used to rig in some politicians to take up top positions and it should be rejected,” she said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta receiving the BBI report in Kisii. Image/Courtesy

The former Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs during the Kibaki era further warned that many will regret endorsing the BBI document.

“I have read the document and found that it is not good for the country,” she said.

Ms Karua said she respects President Uhuru Kenyatta and his government but vowed that she will not support BBI blindly.

“This document is poison to Kenyans and it should not be entertained,” she insisted.



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