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Jubilee Is Just A Paper, Oscar Sudi Says As He Hints At Forming New Party

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has hinted at leaving the ruling party Jubilee should efforts to bring together warring factions fail.

Speaking on Saturday at his Eldoret home, Sudi, a presumed ally of Deputy President William Ruto, said the party is just a piece of paper that they could dispose of anytime.

He also noted that the DP was not obligated to run on a Jubilee party ticket come 2022.

Wherever Ruto goes, they will go, he said.

“Jubilee is just a political party on paper. Our party is William Ruto and William Ruto is our party (sic). It is not a must we use Jubilee Party to run for elective seats [in the next general election]. We shall form a new party and put it on paper the way we did with Jubilee,” the lawmaker said.

“You shouldn’t be worried about the political party that we’ll use to run for elective seats on in 2022. That is a small issue.”

In a televised interview, the deputy party leader hinted at vying for the presidency on another ticket should push come to shove.

“If Jubilee is hijacked by the brokers, then, as they say, the breaking of a cooking stick should not be the end of cooking,” he told Citizen TV.

He said he will take necessary measures should things get out of hand as they did during his time in ODM party.

“I was in ODM, but when some people became dictatorial and could not accommodate our views, we left the party for another one,” he said.

Ruto blasted the party’s national vice chairman David Murathe for trying to elbow him out of the party.

Murathe has on his part dared the DP to leave the party.

“Mambo bado, hii ni kionjo tu. You wait, atajua hajui (The game has yet to start, what you have seen is only a test run. We’ll prove to him that he’s not as smart as he thinks),” Murathe fired back.

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