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Junet Asks DP Ruto To Resign Following Attack On Uhuru

The ODM Party wants Deputy President to quit after his presumed allies insulted President Uhuru Kenyatta and in extension his mother, Mama Ngina.

Speaking from Capitol Hill, National Assembly minority whip Junet Mohammed alleged that Ruto was behind the latest insults aimed at the head of state.

The Suna East MP also said that the second in command was subjecting Kenyans to politics of violence.

“Kwa Naibu Rais William Ruto, Asimamishe hiyo tabia chafu ambayo ameanza ya kutusi serikali ambayo yeye ni Naibu Rais. Kama ametosheka na serikali na amefika kiwango ya kuwa Rais wa Kenya atoke nje, apambane nje kama sisi (To Ruto, just quit if you are tired of the government, you can criticise it from the outside like us), ” Junet said.

He also accused the second in command of pretending to admonish his alleged “foot soldiers”.

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“It is dishonest and old school for Ruto to be sending people to abuse other leaders then pretend to be telling them to stop, you can abuse other leaders to gain power including mothers of this country, you have no business abusing Mama Ngina, abusing her is abusing all mothers of this country,” Junet continued.

On Monday, Emurua Dikirr MP Johanna Ng’eno was arrested over Mama Ngina slur and uttering inciting comments. Kapseret lawmaker Oscar Sudi is also said to have made comments about the country’s former first lady in bad taste.

Responding to the remarks made by the Jubilee legislators, DP Ruto urged leaders to refrain from insulting the president and mothers.

“Leaders should exercise restraint and avoid insults and bad language against other Kenyans. Unsavory words against mothers and Head of State is a NO, NO. No amount of anger justifies use of offensive insulting language.There exists decent ways to communicate however one feels,” Ruto wrote.

Junet asked the DP to make himself president as he had claimed to have been the driving force behind Kenyatta’s presidency and Raila Odinga’s prime ministerial post in 2008.

“Ruto claims he made Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, as ODM we are waiting to see him make himself president,” Junet added.

Junet was flanked by Maa Leaders and party leader Raila Odinga who urged Ruto allies to stop fanning violence.

“We have gone to war in 1992. 1997 and 2007, no one should try to take this country back to war on account of politics,” Raila said.

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