KCB Employee Allegedly Steals From Customers In A Classic Case Of Digital Fraud

Kenya’s biggest bank based on assets Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) is on the spot after a string of unauthorized transactions swept their accounts clean.

The incidencent happened on May 28, as the client went through an emotional turmoil trying to get access to her money.

Now, a customer with the bank of handling fraud claims in a cavalier manner, even after a dozen of such cases have been reported.

A quick check by the Kenyan Herald editorial found that unscrupulous employees are conspiring with fraudsters to steal from their customers using the KCB App.

Marcus Olang, a customer raised the issue on twitter after tried withdrawing money from their account only to be told that they had insufficient funds.

On May 28, a sum of 3, 700 shillings was fraudulently sent to a Safaricom number from their KCB account. On trying to reach KCB customer care for help, Olang claims that they were casually dismissed as no immediate assistance was forthcoming.

“These are transactions that aren’t authorized, that were not followed up with the confirmation messages that the system should automatically generate to notify an account holder of such a transaction. So when you say you can see the money on your end, and I cannot access it, how does that help me in my current situation? Because I need to access the money, regardless of whether YOU see it or not: The reality is I cant access it” lamented Olang.

After the first amount was withdrawn, a larger sum was also sent to the same number ending with 7264 prompting them to do an independent follow up.

When they tried calling the number, the line went unanswered.

Olang later using Truecaller and M-Pesa discovered that the number belonged to a woman named Karen who allegedly works as a Bancassurance Officer at KCB.

The irate customer now claims that it is a classic case of insider fraud as Karen gets access to account information and customer details.

Following his expose on twitter, the bank refunded the money and tried to cover the trail of the first fraudulent transactions.

“By the way, the account statements have also been updated to eliminate any appearance of those transactions, both the initial withdrawal and the ‘refund’.” Further lamented Olang.

And it seems it was not an isolated cases as other twitter users shared their experiences.

A user by the name Heartieno said that a similar incident had happened to her sister. The user said that someone mysteriously sent money to her sister’s account and blocked access to it. Later after regaining access, the money including hers had been withdrawn.

“This just happened to my sister. She saw some money transferred into her account. She then couldn’t access her account. When she finally could the funds had been withdrawn including some of her own. Now she is unable to do anything. She can’t withdraw or transfer. I’m shook.” wrote Heartieno.

It is believed that the fraudsters remotely get access to bank accounts for at least 10 minutes, at which they clean the accounts.

“What happened is she couldn’t access the app for some 10 minutes or there about. Now she’s unable to see the transactions as of now. She didn’t take a screenshot. But she’s lost some cash for sure and she can’t access whatever is remaining.” Further narrated Heartieno.

Another twitter user by the name El Commandanté wrote: “Similar thing happened to me in April, I made 3 transactions via @KCBGroup app and then received texts saying the transactions failed, only for the funds to be debited from my account yet the recipients didn’t receive the funds……I’ve tried to get it resolved”

It seems that allegations of insider racketeering have been rife at the bank, going by similar complaints from a twitter user named Njambi Mungai who said: “I hamad that bank after missing money in my account, being told to visit the nearest branch. On doing so.. Money miraculously appears in my account wanasema it was a system error. Internal fraud is real! Best choice i ever made.”


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