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Kenya Airways paid 5 consultants a total of Ksh400.2million in salaries in 13 months

Documents seen by The Star newspaper today indicates that the struggling and loss making Kenya airways paid 5 consultants up to a tune of ksh400.2million in salaries in only 13 months.

The consultants are from Poland and were hired in 2017 to help revive the airline that was collapsing. The five were paid between ksh3.6million and ksh5.4 million a month. Their strategy to revive the airline did not work as the airline has been making losses since they came on board despite drawing huge salaries that have left Kenyans wondering whether the executives at the airline are keen on reviving the struggling national carrier or they are out to milk whatever little has been left of it.

The latest recorded loss from the airline was announced in May 2020. A loss of ksh12.98 billion for the year 2019. In 2018 the airline made a loss of ksh7.56billion. The losses made increased despite the presence of the highly remunerated consultants.

These ‘expensive’ consultants who have done nothing but rob Kenyan taxpayers were hired back in 2017 by the former CEO Sebastian Mikosz.

Sebastian was from Poland. So are the 5 consultants.

In light of the Covid 19, the airline also plans to lay off about 1500 employees by the end of the year in a quest to cut costs.

It is also worth noting that the airline spent Sh1.014 billion on directors and consultants’ salaries and allowances combined. The consultants were entitled ksh36million travel allowances.

The consultants included Michal Smierciak, Grzegorz Malysz, Magdalena Serwach, Piotr Piwowarczyk

Last week, a few weeks after opening of the air travel, Kenya airways halted operations into 8 African destinations

In a statement, Kenya Airways said that the drastic decline in revenues has had an effect on the airline’s ability to continue operations.

Luanda, Mogadishu, Khartoum and Maputo are some of the routes that were affected. Others are Brazzaville, Khartoum, Blantyre and Bamako.

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