Kenya Power Returns Token Pricing After Public Outcry

Kenya Power has resumed issuing a breakdown of prepaid electricity tokens once again giving customers an opportunity to interrogate their payment statements.

This comes after a public outcry from consumers who requested the breakdown, following the company’s move to halt sending a detailed bill to consumers.

Customers who paid their electricity bills in early November were not provided with a breakdown of the bills as previously issued.

The bill breakdown includes details of the payment of value added tax, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA), inflation adjustment, water regulation fees as well as foreign exchange and fuel adjustment surcharges.

However, lack of breakdown made it hard for consumers to establish whether the cost of their bills matched the unit prices.

On Thursday, November 26 The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) launched investigation into the matter seeking to stablish reasons behind the shift in the bill statement amid concerns of a possible breach of consumer rights.

The regulator noted that consumers have been receiving payment statements via their phones with a breakdown of charges like the monthly variable items like fuel and foreign exchange adjustments expenses lumped together.

“We have taken note of this matter and are currently probing to establish the reasons behind it. Once we arrive at the conclusion of our investigation, we shall make the findings public and take necessary regulatory actions,” EPRA director-general Pavel Oimeke told the Business Daily.

Epra probes Kenya Power hidden token pricing. Image/Courtesy

The Consumer Protection Act 2012 demands that consumers are provided with full information, including the price and quality of any product they purchase.

EPRA has also still withholding Kenya Power’s proposal to increase its retail tariff by at least 20%.

For the first time in 17 years, Kenya Power recorded a loss of Ksh 2.98 billion in the fiscal year ended June 2020, despite a monopoly in the electricity sector.

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