Kenya Railways Set To Demolish Lunar Park, Property Worth Billions To Be Affected

Kenya Railways is set to demolish Lunar Park in a move that is likely to see property worth billions of shillings affected.

According to Kenya Railways, the move is to reclaim the land for the construction of the Expressway Road Project.

Business owners in the property that is near Uhuru Park have come out, guns blazing, saying they have not been issued with any notice to vacate the property.

They said the demolition of their businesses will lead to massive losses at the time when the Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted on businesses across the country.

“We are legitimate business owners who have been at this property for the last 10 years and paying our rent to the Kenya Railways Retirement Benefits Scheme without fail and we demand a clear plan for our eviction and compensation,” said Mr. Clifford Ngwala, the Chairman of Railway Lunar Park Traders Association.

The traders have called on the Kenya Railways to come clear and follow the law in serving them with the notice that will state clear reasons for their eviction.

They say there are plans to demolish their property without warning, a move that will see all of them losing their properties that they have spent more than 10 years investing in.

The Kenya Railways has not commented on the issue but those previews to the matter said the demolition of the property had been slotted for Tuesday night but called off when it was evident that there will be resistance from the traders who had gotten wind of the move.

The government has been blamed for previous demolitions across the city that have often left thousands of people homeless with most happening without giving people time to salvage their belongings.

“We will not move until we are told why and how we shall be compensated,” said Mr. Ngwale.

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