Kenyan Man Sentenced to Death in Connection to Terrorist Attacks in Somali

A Somali Military Court has sentenced to death a Kenyan man over links to a terror group.

Somali government had linked Aden Mohamed, 28, to Islamic State (IS) affiliate in the country which he is said to have joined in 2017.

Mohamed, who was born in Kenya’s norther region of Wajir, together with two other Somali nationals were accused of carrying out terror attacks in Somali’s Puntland state.

According to the Somali Military court, Mohamed had worked with the IS for four years before he was arrested.

This comes amid concerns from the Kenyan authorities that youths who are being radicalized and then sneaked through the border with Somalia and to join terror groups.

The radicalized youths are then being used to carry out series of attacks in both the two countries with Al-shabaab militants claiming responsibility in some of the deadly attacks.

Al Shabaab militants. Photo/Courtesy

Security agencies have been closely monitoring individuals said to be behind the radicalisation network in Kenya.

Police say cases of radicalisation and terror recruitment are on the increase in major slums in Nairobi, Isiolo, Mombasa and parts of Kwale.

The authorities say the youths are being deceived that they will get money and training opportunities, only to end up in terror cells.

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