Kenyan Pharmacy Technicians

Kenyan Pharmacy Technicians Who’s Certificates Were Revoked by Pharmacy and Poisons Board Cry for Justice

Hallo Sir,

“I’m Jared Omwenga, I’m writing on behalf of 100 plus members. We did Certificate in Pharmacy (CPT) Course in government and accredited institutions in the years ranging from 1998-2008. In around 2010 the regulator, The Pharmacy and Poisons Board through their website announced that there’s no certificate in pharmacy long way after we have graduated with certificates.

We have become destitute in our country because the board is hunting us down so badly, we can’t work. They have barred us from advancing to a diploma then degree level like in other vital medical courses, once they find us in any pharmacy we are arrested and taken to court and labelled quacks. We have tried to visit their offices for years now but they are adamant that we are quacks. We are left wondering because we have nurses who start with certificates end up with degrees lab technicians the same and other medical courses the same.

We feel discriminated following the experience and the knowledge we have earned for decades now is termed as useless. We are suffering despite graduating from government recognised institutions. You can imagine at our age with families and the knowledge you have that you can’t work, you can’t advance it’s really disheartening.”

These graduates underwent a rigorous training in the same institutions that the board now recognizes to offer diploma in pharmaceutical technology and degree in pharmacy, and they were taught all the core units yet the board’s agents cannot allow them to work in chemists & hospital pharmacies under a registered pharmacist. They are now treated as quacks and have been reduced to beggars with no means of livelihood yet their parents & guardians spent huge sums of money for their training in public and private colleges and were offered certificates by ministry of education science and technology.

Many of these technicians graduated from tertiary institutions such as Kenya Polytechnic, Kabete Technical Training Institute, Nairobi Technical Training Institute, Mombasa Polytechnic, Eldoret Polytechnic, Tracom College Nakuru, Menengai Medical College Nakuru, Thika Technical Training Institute and Rift valley Training Institute.


“As Kenyan Pharmacy Technicians, we continue to suffer Human right Violations, Discrimination and Inequality in the eyes of other pharmaceutical practitioners in the country by being side-lined by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board from recognition as a licensed pharmaceutical practitioner.” says Stephen M. Gachugu, The National Secretary Pharmacy Technicians Association of Kenya.

It is time the Pharmacy and Poisons Board came clear and addressed the issue.

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