Kenyans in Bahrain Warned to Stop Exporting Prostitution and Other Vices to the Country

Troble looks for Kenyans living in Bahrain as the government cautions then against engaging in illegal activities

A notice from the Kenyan Embassy to citizens in the country said Bahrain authorities are concerned with the number of Kenyan citizens who have been arrested due to unlawful acts.

“On a regular basis, the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Bahrain furnishes the Embassy with information on Kenyan nationals arrested and incarcerated in Bahrain due to disorderly behaviour and breaking the law,” the notice read

“The Embassy is concerned that of late, the cases of unlawful acts by Kenyans have become increasingly rampant further raising concerns with Bahrain authorities due to the high number of them in detentions, deportation centres and in government shelters”. 

According to the notice signed by Raphael Musyoka on behalf of the Ambassador, illegal sale of alcohol, drunkness and disorderly in public spaces, fighting and altercation in public and prostitution, illegal massage parlors and house parties are among concerns raised by Bahrain authorities.

Other activities include lack of proper residence documentation and immigration offences, high illicit pregnancy cases and changing employment with no regard to labour laws.

“In view of the above, the Embassy wishes to caution Kenyans against involvement in these illegal acts and at the same time encourage observance of the laws and regulations of the host country,” the notice read.

The Embassy did not however indicate how many Kenyans had been deported or put in incarceration centres. 

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