India Students protests exams

Kenyans on Twitter Join India Students in Protest Against Push for the Postponement of National Exam

While hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of Indian cities to protest against the government’s directive to have students sit for the national exams, comrades in Kenya ran a social media campaign to besiege the India government to post pone the exams.

It is estimated that more than 2.5 million learners are set to sit for the national exams this week.

Even after increasing pressure from political parties, parents and learners, the federal government has stuck its ground, saying that the exams must continue.

Through the hashtags #PostponeJEEAndNEET and #Mann_Ki_Nahi_Students_Ki_Baat, the Kenyan compatriots joined millions of others to tell the government to “stop the exam during the pandemic.”

Led by social media enthusiast Abraham Mutai, the Kenyans on Twitter are asking the India authorities to first consider the safety of the learners as cases of covid-19 continue to spike.

“I urge all students to Protest and demand resignation of a government that refuses to listen to their supreme demands. Make your voices heard today. Students are authors of history. Students are the future of a nation.” Mutai said on Twitter.

In support of the protests in India, other twitter users said: “The power is with the people. Indians should not be held hostage in their own country when they can go to the streets and force their voices to be heard.”

Others who voiced their support for the protests against JEE and NEET exams argue until the pandemic is contained, no students should be forced to take the national exams.

The Ministry of Health now reports that India has over 3.3 million cases of covid-19 with more than 61, 500 recorded deaths.

In Asia, India leads in number of record infections and deaths, with no signs of the curve going doing down anytime soon.

The health ministry has continued to report daily surges since August 7.


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