Kimunya, Duale Defend KDF officers against eviction from disputed land

Members of Parliament on Wednesday had conflicting thoughts on whether to evict Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officers from a disputed land. The officers in Roysambu Constituency are reported to be occupying 17.16 acres of disputed land formerly owned by a late Mayor.

The land in question was leased by one late Mayor Jacob Samuels 116 years ago. The lawmaker for Kipipiri Amos Kimunya told the Lands Committee that they cannot forcefully removed the defence officers.

“You cannot use parliament to sanitise some irregular allocations of the land. Any transaction over the land will have to be based on the law. If it is illegal, it will go nowhere,” Mr Kimunya said as quoted by Daily Nation.

The lease of the said land expired in 2003 when ownership returned to the national government. According to Munya, the state lawfully gave the land to KDF in 1986 after paying Samuel the remaining dues.

“Meetings took place to discuss compensation. The valuation was done. The government paid the Commissioner of Lands, who deposited the amount in court. The court then forwarded the amount for the owner. The owner confirmed receipt of the money,” Kimunya added.

Amos Kimunya. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]
Garissa town member of parliament Aden Duale backed Kimunya terming the process as illegal. For him, its High Court that should deal with the case and determine whether to evict the officers or not.

“What is also rather obvious from the report is that the petition is one of convoluted and inter-twinned spider web. We should not be seen as conferring ourselves authority or powers that the Constitution did not confer upon us as this would be tantamount to redrafting the Constitution,” he said.

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