DCI Boss George Kinoti.

Kinoti Says Post Election Violence Linked Deaths Stand at 72 Since 2008

DCI now says that at least 72 murder cases have been reported since 2008, all linked to the 2007/2008 post elections violence.

DCI boss George Kinoti while recording witness statements says that other forms of threats include 44 land displacement cases and 118 of threats. 

DCI boss George Kinoti
DCI boss George Kinoti addresses victims of post elections violence at DCI headquarters. Image/Courtesy

Speaking at the event, Kinoti begged the witnesses forgiveness, saying his agency will follow their complaints to the latter. 

Please forgive us. We will follow everything you have told us today in regards to the 2007-08 post-election violence,” he said on Monday when he addressed victims of post-election violence.

“We know those who grabbed and are feeling comfortable.. they are those who killed, who pass over graves for people who they killed.”

Kinoti said people were hurt and killed by people who knew what they were doing.

“I will defend you. My colleagues have done the drill to bury me. If I have served you well, our souls will meet our maker in heaven,” he said.

Kinoti further said that the government has directed his office to ensure that no more violence and deaths are experienced.

“Let them try again. We will follow the truth and we will prepare all the files and we will say this is the person who killed this person,” he said.

“Very soon you will see the outcome of this event. We will look for them. I know they are waiting for another poll violence to occur.”

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